Reading Books Has Changed My Personality Upside Down.


But Do I Enjoy Reading Since the beginning?? NO! Not a bibliophile.

My Professors always promoted reading books like everyone's more than anything in school. But they always promoted reading "Gulliver's Travels and Three Man in a Boat" LOL.

I'm sure you all must have heard of these books. 

Every time I tried my level best to read such kinds of sci-fi or fantasy books. I end up sleeping or forgetting the last paragraph of the story. As the result, I stopped reading and Take it as something, not my cup of tea.

Later the magic happened in my late 20s!

When I discovered the book, "who will cry when you die" by Robin Sharma.

This book was concise, and to the point, on top of that, it is realistic and practical advice on life.

After reading the book my mind just blew up! Because I never knew something like this also exist in the reading section. 

Later, I got multiple references of books from one book, and one after another. I started reading more to learn about the existence of a whole different world where various entrepreneurs, Coaches, and world leaders share their wisdom.📚

Reading all of that always makes your soul jump out of bed and explore the inside version of you and do something. That makes you not become the part of the race that everybody is trying to live in while growing up.

  • I was just a 19-year-old kid who is a little depressed and frustrated with teenage life. 
  • Scared of showing up on camera.
  • Always open Social Media and see people showing their success.
  • People go out for parties, travel, and adventures. (and They do share all of that on media) Like WHY??

And then there is me not even aware of what to do in life.

❓ What I am passionate about.

❓ Will, I be loving what I am thinking I want to become in the future. 

❓ Am I taking the right direction by just following the direction that my parents or our society teaches us to follow?

I took a leap and started writing and publishing blogs because I felt that was something I could do because I was always a tech person. And writing is something that was not natural to me but I wanted to express myself. I was not much vocal about my thoughts back then (So you write before you speak - I work that way)

I read somewhere, "Before you speak something, try to think of it hundred times so you know what you want to say, and you will be able to express it well".

I started publishing blogs and it is live even now on the website The name for it came to me spontaneously while I was attending a lecture in college.

⏭ Fast-forwarding today! 

I have explored abundance in the books and work with the global leaders who teach abundance and wholeness. As something their core practice and skill to serve others.

I don’t know if you love reading or not but I can definitely say if it can bring you here it can take you anywhere you want to be in ONE LIFE!




PS: If you want good books reference for reading. Let me know in the comments I will make a blog for your reference. Follow me on Instagram @saryuyaxis for more touches on life. 

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