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Welcome to SARYU Y-AXIS

Myself Saryu Thakur Founder and Author of Saryu Y-axis. Let me introduce myself to you.

Like any other, I’m a normal girl who is passionate about Learning, Awareness, and Education, and that is the purpose of this Blog. I love networking with people, exploring new aspects of daily life and Blogging is my passion. 

The main purpose of Saryu Y-Axis is to help people educate on important things which matter in our life like the basics of the economy and different aspects of life [Social issues, business, finance, investing, travel, true experiences]. And providing useful insights into the art of living.

You can also anticipate to see the basic beliefs of people around us, some interesting stories of them that unfold in itself life lessons that help you to grow as a good and naughty individual cause life is no fun in being correct always.

Hence, the zeal to make myself aware of the world-class knowledge and along the journey making everyone aware this blog comes into existence in 2019.

I hope you must have learned something useful by visiting the blog.

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