Organisations Are Not Entrepreneur But People Are Entrepreneur, True or False?


“All humans are an entrepreneur not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA”
- RED HOFFMAN, Co-founder LinkedIn  

Most of the time I have seen people debating on a point that, are people born with enterprising talents or they can be nourished with those abilities over some time.
There are millions of entrepreneurs and each one sells its own unique story that worked for them. No doubt all of them have their own, why? Either there was an eagerness to build a legacy or an enthusiasm of their creative mind that didn’t let them sit, idle in their spaces.

So, here I come across a very interesting statement, that is

“Organisations are not entrepreneurs, but people are entrepreneur”.

I collected the thoughts of many individuals over the above statement. Also, responding to some of my meetups with many entrepreneurs. Organisation surely does their part in building the leaders and inculcating all those tiny characteristics that an entrepreneur carries. But, lately, it is an individual who carries on his journey and quest to build something great.


The following are some of the examples of people who turned out to be a successful entrepreneur:-

1. Ashwin Suresh: 

One of the successful co-founder of Pocket Aces. Most of the people in the digital world know him well. As he's the person behind a very famous entertaining digital brand, Filter Copy.
After completing his education and pursuing a very lucrative career in banking and Wall Street to later coming back to India and working for a while in the entertainment industry. He always wanted to establish something of his own which feeds him with an idea of forming pocket aces that later gave birth to many of the media advertising brands in India.

2. Amit Agarwal (Labnol)

Amit Agarwal is from Agra. Back in 2004 when no one literally like no one knows what, “blog” does mean he starting writing one. He’s from IIT Roorkee plus very keen into the technological world. Amit is also known as a” founder of the Indian Blogging revolution” over a while.

Check out his blog “digital inspiration”.

3. Jan Koum and Brain Acton:

Everyone remembers Koum and Acton as a famous founder and a co-founder of the messaging application WhatsApp. We all use it in our daily life. It’s like a vitamin to our system. Koum usually discloses the idea of WhatsApp with a thought that popped into his head. When he brought an iPhone and troubled in getting text and calls on time from his friends and family, and rest is history.

The above are a few of the stories. We might all recognized it. Also, most of the entrepreneurs who just started didn’t know. How exactly their product or service will turn out and make a difference in communities' life.

People like bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Maa, Pete Lau, Kevin Systrom, Travis Kalanick, Sundar Pichai, and many more are all individuals who nurtured over a while to be a successful entrepreneur or CEO.

Every organization has a strong culture. The value and beliefs of an organization are what that influence its people's experience, behavior, and interaction with others. Organizational culture contours behavior, it is vital that organizational culture facilitates entrepreneurial behavior.

More exposure and building a prominent social network not only help in administering the ideas but also in generating them. The more creative and ideal the environment is greater is the probability of it, joining the dots between various sources of information.

Hence, ideal organizational culture is important to nurture greater skills and creativity. Whereas taking it forward to new alps is largely lies onto the person.

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