“ You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart."

What is a healthy state of mind?

A healthy state of mind is very significant to be aware of the things going around you. Now, by an unhealthy state, I don’t mean you are a psycho or you are in anguish from anosognosia.  It is a mental illness by which we mean that someone is unable to be aware of their own mental health conditions.

Moving on, being aware is very important in this moderately noisy world and the basic elements that empower us to hear our own inner voice in all these noises is the education that made us capable to differentiate between what is good and bad, what is a right and wrong way to get the things done. Apart from being self-aware, there are oceans of knowledge an individual needs to be aware of to survive. The current pace of life requires an attitude where enthusiasm to learn more and more at the right time and in quality should never die.

Education at the primary and secondary level make us conscious of the basic things around us like how it rains, how a rainbow is formed. It helps you to establish the basic logic behind why things happen the way they happen. The most famous example here we can consider is the Queen Elizabeth who acquired limited education in her childhood which was needed to be the future queen. But, when she became the queen she realized the importance of primary education and she studied that later on too.

Now your education [school or college etc.] doesn’t tell you how to do your job but it surely taught you that you should be a responsible person for your entire act. It doesn’t tell you what person you should go for help but it surely taught you to express yourself well. It does not tell you how to file your first tax but it surely taught to be a responsible citizen. It does not tell you how to get your work done within schedule time but it surely taught you how to practice disciple. It doesn’t tell you your limits but it surely taught you rules or code of conduct that should not be broken.

Hence, education makes you learn and understand one side of a coin. It makes you aware; it gives you the knowledge to perceive the circumstances you are in. And what a good mind helps you, is to understand the other side of a coin for which your values and education actually prepares you for.

Cure Is In The Longevity, That you must have farsightedness with your day to day operations.

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