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Education is one of the most ideal process that an individual needs to drive through in their life. In scientific terms, it is the process of teaching or learning, especially in a school or college or the knowledge that one gets from these. In addition to that, in an ideal term, education is a wealth of knowledge acquired by an individual after studying or having observation and experience in life.


India is eminent for its ancient collection of educational culture from the time of Indus Valley Civilization to the formation of contemporary India. In the ancient age, India used to have the Gurukula system of education. In the 1830s, the modern education system was carried to India by Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, comprising of the English language.

If we peek into today's scenario of education in India, it is at another height which was never touched before. The following are some of the glimpses of it:

1.    Some states in India is enjoying around 94% literacy rate like Kerala while some states are having around 63% literacy rate like Bihar.

2.    Some cities are popularly called student factory while some cities are left barren.

3.    The gap between public and private education is also a major concern.

In 2009, under the Right to Education Act, ‘No Detention Policy' was introduced by the govt. to promote students in the next standard till class 8th. So, they get the basic elementary education because consistent failures in the same standard resulted in the leaving of school permanently. Some schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, mid-day meal, etc. were launched over time to attract more children to come and learn. Consequently, the number of students completing elementary school has increased over the years as suggested by the Annual Status of Education Report. But they, however, lack the foundation skills.

Looking at the recent results over a decade, govt. is forced to focus not only on providing education but to provide quality education. Hence, Lok Sabha passed a bill seeking the removal of ‘No detention policy’ for classes 5 and 8. The states can now detain students in these standards if they fail to show satisfactory results.


Kerala is one of those states in India which has a literacy rate of 93.9% which is well above the national average of 74.04%. What's so unique about Kerala’s education system that it is being desired by every nation around the globe?
Govt. policies in Kerala have been different from what rest of the nations have. The development model followed here demand higher expenditure on education and welfare, coming to be known as "Kerala model". Also, Kerala is one of those states which stays excited to experiment with new things in its educational ecosystem. Kerala believes in the motto; "WITHOUT EDUCATION YOU CANNOT GO FORWARD".


Different countries in the world follow different approaches to train their human resources based on their traditional beliefs and future the demand of attitude of the workforce.
global education

Some of the countries leading in the field of education are Finland, Singapore, and The Netherlands. They follow numerous unique ways of teaching and learning. They also have special schools with special needs and various public and private schools which are funded by the state govt. Along with that, the percentage of students graduating and student enrolling into colleges and universities are quite high as compared to the world average. These countries spend around 5-6% of their GDP on education. Contrary to this, Indian government's expenditure on education has seen a decline in recent years i.e. around 3-3.5% of GDP which is very less for a developing country like India has around 600 million young people who are set to change the world. Hence, less expenditure on education can have a huge effect on the demographic dividend of India in the coming decades.



There are tons of NGOs which are working on various issues related to women's upliftment and child education. One such organization operating in India for this cause is CRY.
CRY - Child Right and You.

It is a 40-year-old organization working to provide education to children. According to recent reports, they have enrolled around 9.5 lakh children into school and continuously making fruitful efforts to send them to school. They have also made 900+ villages child labor free. CRY is an organization that raises its funds from various social events and corporate donations.

The following is the direct link to their website.

If you want to donate anything voluntarily you can refer to this above website.


India is one of those countries that treats its studies as a goddess, the prominence of which is being recognized for a very long period of time. Some great leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and many others have shown great distress. Thus, the time is ripe when their vision needs to be converted into reality with proper effectiveness. Greater allocation of budget for education needs to done to provide an individual with quality education as well as knowledge about the domains they are passionate about. It will generate more vocational jobs and a more diversified and skilled economy. That will help India to get the best out of arriving demographic dividends.


  1. Awesome
    U hv done very well research work
    N yeah govt really need to keep budget high for uplifting of education model in INDIA

  2. Very sincerely and perfectlt written.. It's true that quality education is the need of the hour instead of graduating unskilled individual in our country... Keep it up dear

  3. Very sincerely and perfectlt written.. It's true that quality education is the need of the hour instead of graduating unskilled individual in our country... Keep it up dear

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