World Happiness Report 2020: India Ranking and Top Happy Countries


What is Happiness according to you...

Whenever we think of happiness, we always perceive an image where all our needs are fulfilled.

In other words, happiness is a feeling of contentment that life is exactly as it should be. However, various external factors determine the level of happiness like social environment, community support, government rule, etc.

To build a better future, it is really important to analyze the current status so that improved public policy can be made. WHO [World Health Organisation] in 2012 understood this and as a result of all that analysis and research, the World Happiness Index was introduced.

What is the World Happiness Report?


World happiness report is an authentic publication report of United Nations sustainable development solution network that evaluate the scale of happiness across 156 countries of the world and rank them from happiest to unhappiest country based on some parameters defined by the UN. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network was set up in 2012. The mission of SDSN is to mobilize global scientific and technological experts to promote a practical solution for sustainable development.
Achievement: Implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

What are the parameters considered for evaluation in the world happiness report?

The following are the parameters used by WHO in their evaluation.

  1. GDP per capita.
  2. Social support. 
  3. Healthy life expectancy.
  4. Freedom to make choices.
  5. Generosity. 
  6. Absence of corruption.

The above six are the main pillars of data analysis in the report. Also, each country is compared to a hypothetical nation called Dystopia. In India, the government makes a five-year plan which has one major agenda consider as “MOTTO” and some minor agendas to fulfill the major purpose.
Similarly, in every year's report along with these six parameters, some specific parameters are taken into consideration that varies every year. 

World Happiness Report 2020


World happiness report 2020, apart from the six key factors provided above they are being supplemented by an analysis of how the well-being of social environment with special emphasis on trust and social connections, examines the happiness of 184 cities along with a comparison of happiness in cities and rural areas across the world. Also, how the natural environment combines to affect our happiness.

Ranking of India in the World Happiness Report?

India happiness index 2012-2020

You can see in the above graph. India keeps on loosing its position over the period. What can the probable reason that leads to the fall of happiness index? Even though India a big democracy where people have the liberty to express, it is essential to understand that to manage such a big democracy requires huge cooperation between both at the community end and from the political end. In the past decision like demonetization, privatization, the partition of J&K, terror attacks, surgical strikes, resentment in society, an imbalance between personal and professional life, unemployment, poverty, corruption, etc have caused this rise of stress and depression in the economy. In order to lead a happy economy, the government needs to develop such public policies that cater to fulfill future requirements without causing much chaos.

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