"I want respect and equality"

Above are the words that can easily melt and lure any individual. For the attainment of the above two major words, almost every country of the world fought a long battle. Sometimes the evil was in the shape of a ruling country like Britain sometime dictators like Hitler, Gaddafi, and many more. Today, might most of the countries have attainted independence but there still exists the evil of cultural differences.

Cultural differences lead to prejudices and discrimination happens when people act on their prejudices or stereotypes.

Now, discrimination at the international level is whole another level of debate agenda and required another level of attention. But, India as a country with "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" faces a lot of cultural differences within after every 100k.m. in most of the situations, north Indian clubbed as Punjabis while the south Indian clubbed as madrasi. We might see a little change in behavior knowing specifically if a person is a Kashmiri. Also, it is important to recognize the specific way the people from the northeast are treated. As you might have listened to people hailing them as "CHINKY" or Nepali.

If you remember the past case of Monika Khangamban at Delhi airport where immigration official who apparently harassed her by saying "Indian toh nahi lagti ho" – is merely symptomatic of a much larger systematic malaise, while racism occasionally manifests itself in the form of a hate crime.

Hence, to eradicate this evil nourishment of deep cultural family roots is important that can be enriched with the help of good education and specifically creating a good heart and a good head.

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  1. It's necessary to inculcate good feelings and emotions in our heart. This is very true that discrimination happens at every stage of life, at least for most people.

    1. yes, dear. I hope this little effort makes a difference.